terraXcube represents a new generation of infrastructure for research and testing that leverages a multi-dimensional approach for environmental simulation. It centres on the concept of cubes, the “Large Cube”, the “Small Cube” and the “Mini Cube”—three distinct chambers for an environmental simulation that enable a broad spectrum of experiments and tests.


With a useable volume of 360m³, the Large Cube can simulate the most extreme environmental conditions on the Earth’s surface, allowing the synchronous control of multiple complex environmental parameters for long duration analysis.


The Small Cube consists of four smaller simulation chambers that can independently replicate the different environmental conditions present in the Alpine Arc.


The Mini Cube (Accelerated Life Testing Lab) is a chamber with a reduced volume of 4 m3 that represents a good solution for tests where rapid changes of temperature and humidity are needed as well as for long-term aging tests on industrial prototypes and products.


terraXcube is accredited by the Italian accreditation body Accredia and performs testing activities in accordance with the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. Click here to view the accreditation certificate and the list of accredited tests.

The accreditation concerns all processes from the use of technical equipment to administrative aspects and test procedures. terraxcube is the first climate simulator worldwide in which certified dry heat and cold tests involving organisms and plants can be carried out. The extreme climate simulator is a recognized Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).


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