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terraXcube offers companies the possibility to carry out tests and studies under extreme and at the same time, strictly controlled environmental conditions. Our team of experts supports our customers in all test stages. The Large Cube can simulate all environmental conditions of our planet – at different altitudes of up to 9000m.

We specialise in:

  • tests of machines and aggregates with large dimensions. Companies can use our Large Cube to test the performance of their facilities under extreme environmental conditions (particularly high or low temperatures, altitude, rain, wind, solar radiation).

  • product tests before certification processes.

  • the collection of high-quality data during the development process of a product. Our team of experts offers – on request – qualified support in all phases of the research and development work of products. Our service is always fast, efficient and tailor-made.

We design tests precisely according to the requirements of our customers.

Use Cases

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Impermeability of technical garment


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The sector “Training” covers three areas: 1) emergency medical care during rescue operations, 2) human-machine interfacing during work operations, 3) acclimatisation for operations at extreme heights.

The terraXcube provides a safe training and preparatory environment for emergency medical personnel, pilots, mountain rescuers, medical students, engineers, miners, adventurers… for a variety of operations at extreme heights and under difficult conditions.

In the simulator, subjects can approach their physical limits whilst complying with the highest safety precautions. Testing interactions with technology in controllable conditions enables human-machine interface optimisation: Can equipment be efficiently operated in extreme conditions? If not, is it the machine or the operator that needs to be adapted?

In the terraXcube, individuals can acclimatise for operations at high altitudes, both for work assignments and personal expeditions.

For professional athletes in Italy, training in a hypoxic environment is considered doping and is punishable by law and as such, professional athletes cannot train in the terraXcube.

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