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terraXcube represents a new generation of infrastructure for research and testing that leverages a multi-dimensional approach for environmental simulation. It centres on the concept of cubes, the “Large Cube”, the “Small Cube” and the “Mini Cube”—three distinct chambers for an environmental simulation that enable a broad spectrum of experiments and tests.

With a useable volume of 360m³, the Large Cube can simulate the most extreme environmental conditions on the Earth’s surface, allowing the synchronous control of multiple complex environmental parameters for long duration analysis.

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The Small Cube consists of four smaller simulation chambers that can independently replicate the different environmental conditions present in the Alpine Arc.

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The Mini Cube (Accelerated Life Testing Lab) is a chamber with a reduced volume of 4 m3 that represents a good solution for tests where rapid changes of temperature and humidity are needed as well as for long-term aging tests on industrial prototypes and products.

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