Small Cube


4 independent compartments accessible via a common airlock Long-term experiments with a duration up to 6 months Laboratories for the preparation and analysis of organic specimens

Internal dimensions 2.8 m × 3 m × 2.8 m (L × W × H)
Parameters Control Independent for each compartment
Combination of the Parameters All environmental parameters can be simultaneously combined to simulate complex scenarios.

Environment Control for Each Compartment

Maximum simulated altitude 4,000 m ±10 m (~ 13,000 ft)
Maximum Rate of Climb  (ROC) 6 m/s (~ 1,180 ft/min)
Minimum Rate of Climb (ROC) 0.1 m/s (~ 20 ft/min)
Temperature Range
According to IEC 60068-3-5
-20...+50°C (± 1°C in time ± 2°C in space )
Temperature Rate of Change
According to IEC 60068-3-5
± 0.5°C/min (cooling & heating)
Relative Humidity
T > 4°C and according to IEC 60068-3-6
10...100% ± 3%
Humidity Rate of Change
T > 4°C and according to IEC 60068-3-6
0.4%/ min cooling; 0.8%/ min heating
Precipitations Rain: 0-20 mm/h (Rainwater too)
Light Full solar spectrum 280-900 nm, intensity 2,500 μmol/m2s
O2 level control 400-1,000 ppm

Support Services Offered

• Data-acquisition system

• Data security management: the system guarantees the integrity of data and ensures that the data acquired are inaccessible to unauthorised parties

• Support during the whole testing chain: from experimental design to test execution and reporting


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