From the snowstorms, air pressure and oxygen content at the peak of Mount Everest to the dry glowing heat of the African desert. At terraXcube, our extreme climate simulation centre, we create all the climate conditions on Earth.

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square metres of surface for tests and research


mm/h snow


“walk-in” modular chambers


metres maximum altitude

Research & Innovation

terraXcube’s climactic chambers offer fully replicable conditions in a safe, accessible and controllable envronment, where scientists can explore the adaptability of the human body, plants and entire ecosystems to extreme altitude and climate conditions.

Testing Services

Our climate chambers expose products, materials and machines to extreme climatic conditions in order to test and potentially optimise their durability and functionality – particularly useful before the start of certification processes.


Extreme climatic conditions make work and rescue operations more arduous and sometimes even impossible. In the chambers of the terraXcube, subjects, while being controlled and monitored, can train for these activities under extreme conditions and test their interaction with machines.

Environmental Control

Up to 15 people can stay in the chamber
Real-time medical monitoring with a telemetric safety system
9000 metres max altitude
High cooling capacity (45kW)
Wind speed up to 30 metres/second
Temperature control from -40°C to +60°C