Do you think you can feel hot and cold equally well? Test yourself by participating in a new experiment inside the terraXcube!

Participate in our experiment and discover how sensitive you are in perceiving changes in the environmental temperature.

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VOLUNTEERS wanted! Test your sleep and wellbeing at 4.500 mt altitude in the terraXcube

Volunteers wanted for a physiological study to investigate predictive factors for altitude-related diseases

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Contribute to improved cardiac arrest treatment in the mountains!

The Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine of Eurac Research is looking for volunteers with a valid BLS-D (Basic Life Support – Defibrillator) certificate to participate in a research project involving automated external defibrillator (AED) delivery with drones. The aim is to determine whether this could lead to a faster initiation of defibrillation and enable a better chance of surviving cardiac arrest in mountainous areas.

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How good do you think you are at perceiving the environmental temperature changes? The challenge goes on!

terraXcube in collaboration with the CIMeC is carrying out an experiment to investigate people’s sensitivity to the environmental temperature. Participants will be asked to move between the climate chambers inside which the temperature will change (range between 15 and 35 °C) and to report if they are able to perceive the differences. The experiment is composed of two experimental sessions of two hours each.

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