(CLOSED) Would you like to take part in a study on breathing during sleep at altitude and its effects on adaptation?

In February 2022 the Eurac Research´s Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine will conduct a study in the terraXcube with the objective to investigate respiration during sleep at altitude, and its effects on altitude adaptation. For this purpose, we are looking for volunteer subjects, who are willing to spend two one-night stays, and two four-day and three-night stays in the terraXcube.

There will be a four-week interval between each stay, and the atmospheric pressure will be equal to that of an altitude of 4,000 m above sea level for each stay. Various measurements, including sleep recordings and blood samples will be taken during the study.

As reimbursement for your time we will pay you a fee of 500€ (gross).

For further details and to contact the research team, please see the attached flyer.

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@ Eurac Research/Annelie Bortolotti