Polyurethane foams under cold conditions?

A team from Torggler Srl investigated the performances of this versatile building material in sub-zero temperatures.

The size and the very precise temperature control of the Large Cube allowed Torggler’s developers to gain useful knowledge of how their new products function at very low temperatures. During the experiment different construction foams were tested with the aim of the investigation to determine the stability and stiffness of the material after the curing as well as the time required for this process.

The tXc team were responsible for the challenges of ensuring exact and stable environmental conditions in terms of temperature for the experiment as well as keeping  the integrity of the samples at predetermined conditions before the test.

The Torggler team remained inside the Large Cube during the entire test duration and the chamber’s temperature was continuously monitored by a calibrated thermometric chain. The results of the measurements were impressive and showed a very high temperature stability of +/- 0,8°C. “Not bad indeed for a chamber of such large dimensions ( 360m3)!” says Christian Steurer, Director of terraXcube.

Images: © Torggler / Hanna Pauli