First manned terraXcube ascent to 5,000 metres

On Friday 6 September 2019, a team of four Eurac researchers attempted the first simulated ascent to 5,000 metres in terraXcube’s largest climate chamber, the Large Cube. A medical support crew monitored the subjects’ health while the chamber’s atmosphere gradually adapted to the rising altitude. The health data stemmed from…
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terraXcube Meets Medical Research – Scientific Opening – 5 April 2019

Innovation in mountain medicine research – from simulation to real-life application. Burning questions and new possibilities On 5 April 2019 Eurac Research will, alongside the ICAR MEDCOM meeting, officially open the newest of their research facilities to the scientific community, the terraXcube. Our intention is to focus on pertinent methodological…
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Participation in Scientific Studies



Team Assistant (CLOSED)

We are looking for a new Team Assistant to reinforce the terraXcube team. More details about the position are available here.