Testing high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) functionality

EEG is a tool used to record brain activity which is widely used in the world of medicine and neuroscience. A high-density EEG (64-channel EEG) offers the possibility of in-depth studies able to shed light on problems related to neuronal disorders, as well to analyse a series of specific waveforms…
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Tests to study the comfort of clothes for cyclists

Last week a series of tests were carried out in terraXcube’s Large Cube to study the thermal comfort of a particular fabric used in the manufacturing of clothes for cyclists. Thermal comfort is a key parameter for technical fabrics and one which can also impact athletic performance. The tests were…
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terraXcube simulates the height of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea

A very special test has just taken place in one of terraXcube’s five Small Cubes where the terraXcube team brought a “Real Time Controller” created by the Microgate company to an altitude of 4,000 m in order to test the efficiency of its cooling system. The Bolzano-based company has been…
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terraXcube is now partner of the Automotive-Cluster in Austria!

The aim of the partnership is the creation of synergies, the transfer of knowledge and know-how, networking with other European regions through EU projects, the exchange of information and marketing. The new network will enhance the visibility of terraXcube, primarily in Austria, but at the same time bridging with Germany…
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