New tests to study comfort in the textile sector

Collaborations between terraXcube and the textile sector are already well established. New tests have just been carried out to evaluate the thermal performance and comfort of materials and winter garments. The most recent of which have cemented a brand-new collaboration with the Moorer, a company based in Castelnuovo del Garda…
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Polyurethane foams under cold conditions?

A team from Torggler Srl investigated the performances of this versatile building material in sub-zero temperatures. The size and the very precise temperature control of the Large Cube allowed Torggler’s developers to gain useful knowledge of how their new products function at very low temperatures. During the experiment different construction…
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Testing high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) functionality

EEG is a tool used to record brain activity which is widely used in the world of medicine and neuroscience. A high-density EEG (64-channel EEG) offers the possibility of in-depth studies able to shed light on problems related to neuronal disorders, as well to analyse a series of specific waveforms…
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Tests to study the comfort of clothes for cyclists

Last week a series of tests were carried out in terraXcube’s Large Cube to study the thermal comfort of a particular fabric used in the manufacturing of clothes for cyclists. Thermal comfort is a key parameter for technical fabrics and one which can also impact athletic performance. The tests were…
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Participation in Scientific Studies