New radar system for snowpack analysis: first tests

A prototype radar system that instantly analyzes the composition of the snowpack during melting has recently been tested in terraXcube’s Large Cube.  The system called “Snowave” was developed by the University of Pavia’s Microwave Laboratory and later improved and fine-tuned in part by the “CRIOSAR: SAR Applications to the Cryosphere”…
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Up to 9,000 m.a.s.l: first free-flight drone tests in the Large Cube

Over the past few days, two types of MAVTech company drones have been put through their paces to test their usability in high-altitude, complex alpine environments in the terraXcube. It was the first time our Large Cube was used to test drones in free flight. The test presented certain complex…
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Further up

Climate change and rising temperatures are increasingly pushing animals, plants, and microorganisms to higher altitudes. But how do living beings adapt to new conditions? A study taking place in the terraXcube observes how reduced atmospheric pressure affects photosynthesis and transpiration in plants. And whether soil microorganisms can support this adaptation.…
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Antarctica… in Bolzano!

A special suit designed by D-Air Lab was recently tested in terraXcube. The Antarctic Suit  was specially designed for scientists and researchers working in extreme conditions, such as astronauts or explorers on polar expeditions. The suit was designed to be a comfortable, functional and intelligent piece of technical equipment: the…
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Participation in Scientific Studies