New winter mountaineering project for Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger.

A Eurac Research study on acclimatisation and de-acclimatisation will take place in the terraXcube centre for the simulation of extreme climates. Internationally renowned, especially for his extreme winter climbs, mountaineer Simone Moro, and Tamara Lunger, one of the world’s strongest high-altitude climbers, announce the destination of their next expedition. In…
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terraXcube at the 2019 World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing

From 17 to 20 October, the international winter sports industry met at the 2019 World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing. This year, our extreme climate simulator, terraXcube, had its own booth at Italy’s stand, together with the two South Tyrolean companies, Microgate and Skipp. The largest worldwide fair for winter industries and…
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Join terraXcube’s booth at INTERGEO

From 18 to 19 September, our terraXcube team will show the latest results of our DronEx project at the INTERGEO fair in Stuttgart, where drone manufacturers and operators from all over the world will gather. Join us at the terraXcube booth, where we provide advice on stress-testing your drones and…
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First manned terraXcube ascent to 5,000 metres

On Friday 6 September 2019, a team of four Eurac researchers attempted the first simulated ascent to 5,000 metres in terraXcube’s largest climate chamber, the Large Cube. A medical support crew monitored the subjects’ health while the chamber’s atmosphere gradually adapted to the rising altitude. The health data stemmed from…
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terraXcube Meets Medical Research – Scientific Opening – 5 April 2019

Innovation in mountain medicine research – from simulation to real-life application. Burning questions and new possibilities On 5 April 2019 Eurac Research will, alongside the ICAR MEDCOM meeting, officially open the newest of their research facilities to the scientific community, the terraXcube. Our intention is to focus on pertinent methodological…
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Mount Everest in Bolzano/Bozen

Extremes are right at home at terraXcube, the research infrastructure in the industrial area of Bolzano Sud: temperatures between -40 and +60°C, artificial solar radiation even when it’s night, 60 mm of rain per hour even when it’s bone dry outside, 5 cm of snow per hour even in the summer.…
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