New tests to study comfort in the textile sector

Collaborations between terraXcube and the textile sector are already well established. New tests have just been carried out to evaluate the thermal performance and comfort of materials and winter garments. The most recent of which have cemented a brand-new collaboration with the Moorer, a company based in Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona).

“These tests are part of a well-established terraXcube research field which studies thermo-hygrometric comfort for the textile industry. We tested the Moorer garments at different temperature values to simulate complex winter scenarios and even produced snow for the tests too. This has allowed us to collect further data essential in increasing our know-how in testing as well as our knowledge in this field” says Andrea Vilardi, Project Manager.

The expertise of the Center for Sensing Solutions of Eurac Research played a crucial role in providing the sensors and knowledge required for this specific test. Mr Abraham Mejia Aguilar supervised the project for the center.

Images: © Moorer