New winter mountaineering project for Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger.

A Eurac Research study on acclimatisation and de-acclimatisation will take place in the terraXcube centre for the simulation of extreme climates.

Internationally renowned, especially for his extreme winter climbs, mountaineer Simone Moro, and Tamara Lunger, one of the world’s strongest high-altitude climbers, announce the destination of their next expedition. In mid-December they will attempt the ascent to the summit of Gasherbrum I and the traverse to Gasherbrum II – two mountains above the eight thousand metre mark that form part of the Karakorum chain in the Himalayas.

Artificial acclimatisation will take place inside terraXcube, Eurac Research´s center for the simulation of extreme climates situated within NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige. Within these parameters, physiologists and doctors from Eurac Research will investigate the subjects acclimatisation in the hypobaric chamber and monitor their de-acclimatisation once Tamara and Simone have returned from the actual expedition. Observing for example the impacts of high altitude on the heart, respiratory, cognitive and metabolic functions and recording how long the body remains acclimatised once it has returned to a base altitude.

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(Image: © Pavana_TheVerticalEye)