Functional testing of immunodiagnostic systems at high altitude

A series of tests were carried out in the terraXcube Large Cube together with DiaSorin, a Vercelli company from Saluggia, a world leader in the laboratory diagnostics market. The company tested the operation of two immunodiagnostic systems: the LIAISON XL platform and the LIAISON XS platform. Immunodiagnostic systems are instruments for laboratory tests and are used to analyse samples of blood and other human fluids.

The tests were carried out by simulating the environmental conditions under which their customers would use the two systems at an altitude of 2000 and 3000 metres and benefiting from the advantage of working in a specialised, easily accessible, versatile, and controlled environment.

Initially, the conduct of both devices was tested with different sample pipettor configurations in order to test the operation of the version currently on the market and the new version that is under development. The outcome of the tests led the company to optimise various parameters through a feasibility verification and validation process involving the development of a new software algorithm and some changes to the management of sample dispensing.

The platforms may soon be used in high altitude locations with the new pipettor configuration of the samples, thus extending the operational domain of DiaSorin systems.

Image: © Eurac Research