Antarctica… in Bolzano!

A special suit designed by D-Air Lab was recently tested in terraXcube.

The Antarctic Suit  was specially designed for scientists and researchers working in extreme conditions, such as astronauts or explorers on polar expeditions.

The suit was designed to be a comfortable, functional and intelligent piece of technical equipment: the different materials of the yarn the suit is made of enable regulation of temperature and ventilation/transpiration according to climatic conditions and individual needs.

The conditions the suit users will be exposed to were simulated in the terraXcube:. 3200 m.a.s.l altitude and -40° C temperature, which actually felt like -70° e due to the wind chill factor. With the help of terraXcube’s technicians, and in the brutal conditions just described, the suit’s designer, Alberto Piovesan, tested his creation by performing high-intensity exercises on a treadmill.

The technical innovations of the Antarctic Suit will enable researchers to carry out their activities in the coldest places on planet Earth.

“Working with these temperatures with extremely strong winds proved to be extremely challenging. Putting yourself in the user’s conditions helps to understand many aspects deeply” explained Alberto Piovesan.

Image: © D-Air Lab